3ioMusik (trio music) is a one time recording project featuring the trio of saxophonist Jeff Coffin, drummer Tom Giampietro (aka Tommy G) and guitarist Mel Deal. What you hear is a beautiful collaboration between three friends that is both visceral and highly accessible.

3iomusik began as a series of duets between Jeff & Tom in Coffin’s basement after they met at a jam session in Nashville, TN. Eventually deciding they wanted to expand the music further by adding a chordal player, Mel Deal, one of Nashville’s legendary guitarists, was asked to work his magic with them. The result is a sophisticated and earthy journey of sound, melody, texture, and emotion – like three artists painting on the same canvas and not getting in each others way.

We hope you enjoy this project as much as we do.

Jeff Coffin – tenor saxophone
Tom Giampietro – drums
Mel Deal – guitar
Cyrus Niccore ~ didgeridoo (on “Between You and Me”)

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