Jonathan Wires

2/18/2016 – Ear Up Records (EU0409)

the players:
jonathan wires – bass
josh hunt – drums/percussion
jeff coffin – tenor sax/soprano sax/clarinet/bass clarinet
matt endahl – wurlitzer

don aliquo – bass clarinet
lindsey miller – guitar
james westfall – vibraphone
jamey simmons – trumpet

all compositions by jonathan wires

I like to write music much more than I like to write words.

I think it was Tom Waits who said writing music is like picking bubble gum from the bottom of a desk – eventually you’ll get a new piece. I find this idea amusing and true. Often when I’m stuck and can’t seem to find an outcome, I’ll look to snippets of ideas I’ve written over the years and find a solution. This approach has more than once solved a musical dilemma for me.

I am constantly inspired by the work of those around me.

I write music for my friends to play. That’s why I do what I do. I want to give to them what they give to me – friendship, love, and inspiration. Hopefully, we give the world a little piece of curiosity in the process.

I have always been intrigued by the interplay of melody, harmony, and rhythm. I’m constantly assessing the balance of these components when I write.

Composing reminds me of puzzles and how things can be put together to get a form. Sometimes I try to write music as if it were a game of Jenga. If one piece of the composition falls out of place, the whole form can collapse upon itself. I love this delicate interplay that can sometimes appear. This encourages the players to have a sense of trust within one another. – JW





ITA Studios / Nashville, TN – Photos by Jeff Coffin


“Jonathan Wires is one of the most prolific composers I have ever known. His tunes seem to float out of a dream, through his mind and into the air. They never make complete sense to me until I listen to them after we finish playing…and then I am stung by their richness and beauty.” – Jeff Coffin

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