Ryoko Suzuki

“Guided Meditation & Chanting for Self-Discovery”

Featuring: The Alash Ensemble (Tuvan Throat Singers)

Vocals / Harmonium

(Tuvan Throat Singers)

(2014 / EAR UP RECORDS 0406)

“When you sit still and begin to look within, you find your inner bliss. When you follow your inner bliss, you follow your path to joy.” ~Ryoko

Ryoko continues to deepen her meditation practice and study Shiva Process Self-inquiry under the guidance of her dearest teacher, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda (Guruji), the world-renowned meditation & spiritual master who carries the energy of one of the most powerful mystical lineages of India, and has awakened thousands of seekers to the spiritual path for over 40 years. Ryoko received shaktipat and her spiritual name ‘Sharvani’ from Guruji in April, 2014. Following this, Ryoko became one of only three meditation teachers in the United States authorized by Guruji to teach his ‘Learn To Meditate’ course with the enlivened mantra. The first two guided meditations on Ryoko’s CD ‘SHIVA PROCESS CHAKRA HEALING – Guided Meditation & Chanting for Self-Discovery’ introduce you to a important part of the Shiva Process Self-inquiry – how to use your awareness to unlock your life. “Om Namah Shivaya” chanting incorporates traditional Indian raga melodies leading to a very nostalgic feeling of going home…going home to the Self!

For more about Ryoko, her classes and healing services, please visit www.healingspiritbodywork.com

What people are saying about Ryoko Suzuki: 

Svaroopa Yoga magic – The deepest & most restful sleep I’ve had in years!:
For about three years, I’ve suffered with an anxiety disorder that causes a variety of physical symptoms that are difficult to treat with pharmaceuticals, specifically two drugs I take that stay in the system with side effects that can be more bothersome than the pain they are meant to relieve.  I met Ryoko some time ago, but had never experienced her Svaroopa Yoga magic, even after several friends had told me amazing stories about their own experiences with her.  Determined to get myself straightened out without camping out at the pharmacy, I finally made an appointment.  Bluntly, I am astounded at the sense of well-being I got from the very first session.  Because I had no pain, the second session focused solely on the mind.  Feeling relaxed but not at all fatigued or sleepy, I went home, did some work in the studio, and sat down on my bed to answer some Email. The next thing I knew, I was waking up after two or three hours of the deepest, most restful sleep I’ve had in years. Daily breathing exercises and another session or two with Ryoko have allowed me to drop one drug and I think the next one is about to disappear soon. It may not be magic, but it sure does feel like it.  
– Green, Nashville, TN
My new yoga path with “Release and Support of the spine”: Ryoko is an old soul in young spirit. She displays an amazing amount of patience that only comes with wisdom. When I joined Ryoko, my path in yoga suddenly changed. After +15 years of yoga, primarily with Hatha, with a little Ashantga, Kundilini, etc. I had to unlearn my old ways. Svaroopa is unlike anything I have seen before. Everything is based on release and support of the spine. There are no exaggerated asanas, no extraordinary poses . Svaroopa is very gentile. It took me awhile to get the gist of things, but I am finally starting  my way down this new path. I have a long way to go, but it’s something I happily look forward to.            
– Beth, Nashville TN

“Changed my life forever” – Energetic body works with physical body:
I started doing private yoga sessions with Ryoko in the Spring of 2011. I had a 15-month old boy and a rotater cuff that had torn one night soon after his birth as I tried to prop myself up quickly post-C-section on the sofa. I waited a year before seeing anyone about it, and I started at the chiropractor, who could only pop my bones back in place and put me through very painful reps that didn’t seem to help one bit with regaining any movement in my frozen shoulder. I decided to go another route, and I’m so glad I did.