JEFF COFFIN – soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, bass flute, alto flute, c flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
SUBRATA BHATTACHARYA – tabla, bol recitation
INDRAJIT BANERJEE – sitar, zitar
CARTER BEAUFORD – drums (Joy, Live In 5, Take It To The Bridge)
STEFAN LESSARD – electric & acoustic bass
ROY ‘FUTUREMAN’ WOOTEN – wavedrum, cajon, percussion, drums
CHRIS WALTERS – piano, keyboards
JORDAN PERLSON – caixi drum, bells, triangle, percussion, camel bell, metal plate, shakers (Joy, Sandhya Deep, Miles Meets The Mahatma)
– harmonium (Music In Our Dreams, Dancing With The Moon)

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This is one of the most unique projects I have been a part of and I am in awe of these musicians. Connecting all these artists together in this way was an indescribable joy! I am so grateful…
– Jeff

This project is a collage of music that has united the expressions and the amazing harmonic connection of our souls. It was a great experience for me during this whole journey of creating “Dream Shanti”. The journey begins. – Subrata 

It was a great joy to work on this recording with these incredible musicians and to experience the colors of sound they get from their respected instruments. There is a depth to this music that has touched my spirit and soul. – Stefan

Wow – Thank you Jeff &  Ear Up Records for enabling this project to come together! I’ve never gotten to be on a recording together with my long time friend Carter Beauford and I’m so inspired to be a part of this Dream Shanti project…this is a wonderful mixture of musical influences with old friends and new!
– Futureman 

Let the music take over and make the best of your world with an exquisite fusion of melody, culture, and ideas. You will be elevated to a unique experience. All this has a name – Dream Shanti. – Indrajit

Playing on the Dream Shanti project was a fascinating experience – inspiring, freeing, & forward thinking.  The spirit and virtuosity of Subrata, Indrajit, & Jeff’s writing & playing created an environment that exposed a different approach in my own playing.  A truly unique journey! Chris

It was a pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful project with such beautiful musicians. It’s sure to be appreciated world round. – Jordan

My heart is filled with heartfelt gratitude to be involved in this unique project with these incredible musicians that I have dreamed of playing with together in this musical setting. Dream Shanti became my favorite music to dance with…and I am sure it will be yours too! – Ryoko