Jeff Coffin/Tom Giampietro/Mel Deal – 3iomusik (2011)

Artist : 3iomusik, Jeff Coffin/Tom Giampietro/Mel Deal
Release Date : 01-11-2011
Catalog : EU0402



3ioMusik (Trio Music) is made up of saxophonist Jeff Coffin, drummer Tom Giampietro, and guitarist Mel Deal. This is a beautiful journey of sound and texture consisting of eight original tunes written by Jeff Coffin and one by Tom Giampietro. This project began as duet sessions between Jeff and Tom in the basement of Coffin’s house after their meeting at a jam session that Jeff was leading in Nashville, TN. Eventually, the duo decided the music could be more fully realized by including a chordal instrument and they agreed the brilliant Nashville guitarist Mel Deal should be tapped to work with them on this project. (He said, Yes!) The entire recording was done September 23, 1997 (the birthday of legendary saxophonist, John Coltrane) and the results are stunning. Reminiscent of the trio recordings of Joe Lovano, Paul Motian, and Bill Frisell, as well as Charles Lloyd, 3ioMusik captures three extraordinary musicians in close touch with their personal muses. Sit back and enjoy the ride…You’ll be glad you did.


1. *Between You And Me (Coffin) 07:54
2. Interlude For Three Dancers (Coffin) 04:22
3. And Why Not? (Coffin) 04:40
4. You’re On The Tip Of My Tongue (Coffin) 07:02
5. Wanting (Giampietro) 05:12
6. As Above, So Below (Coffin) 07:32
7. Lullaby For Morgan (Coffin) 01:45
8. Circumstances Surrounding Us (Coffin) 08:26
9. In Case You Missed Me (Coffin) 01:04

*Cyrus Niccore ~ didgeridoo (Between You and Me)


Produced by Jeff Coffin
Arrangements by Jeff Coffin, Tom Giampietro & Mel Deal
Recorded by Eddie Gore September 23, 1997 at the Nashville, TN studio belonging to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist & songwriter Steve Cropper.
Mixed by Richard Aspinwall at Aspin Studios/Miami, FL
Mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Mastering Studios/Nashville, TN
Photography & Package Design by Jeff Coffin