Band Of Other Brothers (2016)

Artist : Band Of Other Brothers
Release Date : 10-28-2016
Catalog : EUR0412

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TOP 10 of 2016! (Keyboard Magazine)
“Totally in the groove…richly satisfying…impressive.” (


After a recorded trio encounter in 2005 known as MONDO TRIO (with drummer Vinnie Colaiuta), that became a musicians’ favorite, kindred spirits and fellow Jeffs – Babko and Coffin – knew they had to reconvene. When drummer Keith Carlock re-relocated to Nashville (where Coffin resides), it seemed to be the moment they had waited for. Carlock and Babko were touring Japan with guitarists Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather and decided to push though and find time in between Carlock’s touring with Steely Dan, Coffin’s touring with Dave Matthews Band and Babko’s moments off from the Jimmy Kimmel Live house band. Amazingly, they found a shared window, and when Babko asked Mondo Trio engineer Niko Bolas for Nashville studio recommendations, he replied, “Blackbird, and I’m engineering!” Not wanting to repeat the recorded trio format, Babko asked Will Lee if he’d even be interested to play bass (he was). Finally, Babko asked young guitar master and fellow coffee enthusiast Nir Felder if he had the same time window free, which he did.  Band Of Other Brothers was born!
Inspired by Pat Martino’s life story and his “Starbright” album (featuring Will Lee), Babko composed material and enlisted Coffin and Felder to do the same, which provided a wealth of creative musical springboards. The backdrop of recording in Nashville and at the legendary Blackbird Studios also inspired a collective aesthetic, as did the muscle of Carlock’s drumming.
The Band Of Other Brothers, including sonic whiz Niko Bolas, has created an exciting and thoughtful collection of music and, as Babko says, “We hope to open listeners’ windows and doors to let in our musical wind. However, you may have to sweep up some debris afterwards.”

the players:L17A3999

(L to R):
NIR FELDER – guitar
WILL LEE – electric bass
JEFF COFFIN – saxophones, electro-sax, woodwinds
JEFF BABKO – piano, keyboards

additional musicians: Mike Haynes – trumpet, Roy Agee – trombone (Track 3)

the music:L17A3909

01) BAR FIGHT (8:11)
02) BABKO (5:46)
04) CITY OF CRANES (4:13)
07) LA PRESA (8:44)
08) HEARTLANDIA (4:49)
09) TAX FREE (6:46)
10) YOAKE (8:21)
11) NASHVILLE (7:04)


recording notes:L17A3760
Produced by Jeff Babko
Co-Produced by Jeff Coffin

Recorded September 26 & 27, 2015
Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN
Engineered by Niko Bolas & Sean Badum
Mixed at The Surf Shack by Niko Bolas
Mastered by Richard Dodd


“What a thrill to make music with these incredible musicians. We had a lot of fun at Blackbird Studios in Nashville making City Of Cranes and I can’t wait for people to hear this incredible group! Jeff, Will, Keith and Nir are the best of the best and I’m honored to be playing a part. The saxophone part.” – Jeff Coffin

“Creating with Will, Keith, and the Jeffs is a rare and true joy – from the first notes we played together it felt like we were family.  We hope you have as much fun with this record as we had making it!” – Nir Felder

static1-squarespaceCHRIS MEES
212.353.0855 | NYC

Chris Mees | J. Chriss & Co.

Band/Label Contact:
314.488.8326 | NASHVILLE, TN

Photos by Jeff Coffin, except group shot by Niko Bolas