Jeff Coffin & Tatsuya Nakatani – Flight (Japanese translation)


*We have made a decision to not put this music on iTunes, Google, or Amazon at this time for the simple reason that they will not allow us to charge more than $3 for the entire recording due to the amount of tracks on the recording. We feel we should be allowed to set a more reasonable price for our art. Thank you for understanding…



Jeff COFFIN: saxes, flutes, winds, percussion, etc…
Tatsuya NAKATANI: drums, bowing, percussion, gongs, bowls, bells, etc…

In early 2015, I heard about Tatsuya coming to Nashville to present his ‘Gong Orchestra’ and I had to go check it out. I’m a bell freak so anything even close to bell really intrigues me. Anyhow, it was an incredible night of music and sound and after the show my wife Ryoko (also Japanese) and I invited Tatsuya to stay at our house that night. We hung, drank some saki, played some music, and began our friendship. We decided the next time he was thru town we would record something in my studio to hear what would happen. FLIGHT is the outcome of that recording.

The first piece is with Tatsuya on a regular drum kit, which is unusual to hear him on. The next two pieces are on his homemade kit and him bowing cymbals, gongs, singing bowls, etc…his approach to his instruments is unique and it challenged me to listen and play in a different way and with a different sensibility. I think I played almost every instrument i own at some point during our recording – saxophones, flutes, whistles, percussion stuff, etc…Over the next few months, I edited everything down and spliced parts together to give it a more ‘seamless’ quality and I really got to know Tatsuya’s playing through that process. He is approaching the drums, rhythm, and sound in an unusual way and I find this recording very interesting. I feel we indeed took flight together and I hope you too get wings as you listen…peace, jc

cd notes:
Recorded September 22, 2015 @ ITA Studios, Nashville, TN
Engineered, Edited, & Mixed by Jeff Coffin
Mastered by Mike Haynes @ ENSŌ mastering, Nashville, TN
Improvised Compositions by Jeff Coffin & Tatsuya Nakatani © 2018
Jeff Coffin – Otani Music/BMI
Tatsuya Nakatani – Tatsuya Nakatani Music and Sound/BMI
Japanese Calligraphy by Ryoko Suzuki
Design by Robert Hakalski @ Visual Machinery

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