Tyler Mire Big Band – #Officefortheday (2017)

Artist : Tyler Mire Big Band



ABOUT: #Officefortheday (EUR0418)

On February 14th, 2016, three days before I left for Navy Basic Training, the Tyler Mire Big Band went into the studio one last time to record all the new music I’d written since “Movin’ Day.” All the music on this album, we had been performing at our regular “Family Wash” gig in East Nashville. Because of this, we were able to track all eight tunes in a challenging five-hour session. The band played wonderfully and relished the task, and the resulting energy comes shining through in this recording. I am beyond honored to have led this incredible ensemble for three years, and I’m especially proud of one of our last performances – a showcase spot at the Jazz Education Network in January 2016, in Louisville, Kentucky. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy our #Officefortheday!


Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Trumpet:

Tyler Mire (Trumpet, tracks 1, 3-6)


Jimmy Bowland (lead) – Alto Sax, Clarinet
Robby Shankle – Alto Sax, Clarinet, Alto Flute, Flute
Evan Cobb – Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Doug Moffet – Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Flute
Kelsey Mire – Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute


Steve Patrick (lead)
Mike Haynes
Andrew Golden (track 1)
Jim Williamson
Keith Smith


Roger Bissell (all, lead 3-8)
Roy Agee (all, lead 1-2)
Oscar Utterstrom (all, tenor 1-6, 8, bass 7)
Barry Green (all, tenor 3, 7, bass 1-2, 4-6, 8)


Lindsey Miller – Guitar
Matt Endahl – Piano
Joe Davidian – Upright and Electric Bass
Joshua Hunt – Drums and Percussion

Guest Artist:

Jeff Coffin (track 1, 2, 8 Flute)

“Spice of Life”                                                                         Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Roy Agee, Trombone
Steve Patrick, Andrew Golden, Trumpets
Jeff Coffin, Flute
Joshua Hunt, Drums and Percussion

“The Arch”                                                                               Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Lindsey Miller, Guitar

“Elephant in the Room”                                                    Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Roy Agee, Roger Bissell, Oscar Utterstrom, Barry Green, Trombones

“#Officefortheday”                                                             Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Jim Williamson, Trumpet
Lindsey Miller, Guitar
Doug Moffet, Tenor Sax
Oscar Utterstrom, Trombone
Joshua Hunt, Drums

“The Lonely Crouton’s Big Day in NYC”                 Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Jim Williamson, Flugelhorn
Roger Bissell, Trombone

“Magma Sanctum”                                                              Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire
(from the indie game Shadows of Adam)

Matt Endahl, Piano
Evan Cobb, Tenor Sax

“Green and Blues”                                                               Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Barry Green, Trombone
Matt Endahl, Piano
Steve Patrick, Trumpet
Robby Shankle, Clarinet

“DoMo Meets the Brunch King”                                 Comp/Arr By: Tyler J. Mire

Doug Moffet, Evan Cobb, Tenor Saxes


Recorded February 14th, 2016, at Wildwood Studios, Franklin, TN
Engineer – Brendan Harkin
Assistant Engineer – Russell Bullock
Woodwind Recording Engineer – Jeff Coffin, ITA Studio
Additional Recording – Chris Barnes, Watershed Recording Studio
Editing Assistance on “Elephant in the Room” – Oscar Utterstrom
Mixing – Brendan Harkin, Tyler Mire
Mastering – Mike Haynes at ENSŌ Mastering
Photography – Graham Gerdeman
Videography – Brian Bass
Cover Art and Graphic Design – Tim Wendorf
Liner Notes Proofreading – Carissa Mire Lamkahouan


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