Ryoko Suzuki – Shiva Process Chakra Healing (2015)

Artist : Ryoko Suzuki
Catalog : EU0406



“If you are looking to be transported into a different realm, look no further than this CD. This is an extraordinary spiritual teaching from an extraordinary spiritual teacher. (I am also lucky enough to be her husband!)” – Jeff Coffin

Ryoko Suzuki is a holistic therapist, yoga & meditation teacher, harmonium player & vocalist. This is Ryoko’s first meditation and chanting CD and is designed to help guide people in the process of Self-discovery. Ryoko continues to share her special gift of intuitive healing with others.

Vocals / Harmonium

THE ALASH ENSEMBLE (Tuvan Throat Singers / Track 3)


1. GUIDED CHAKRA MEDITATION: Unconscious tensions (both physical & emotional) show up as contraction in each chakra. This chakra meditation guides you to bring your awareness inward and become aware of those unconscious tensions. This awareness is the 1st step toward healing. You are guided to get there with ease and comfort, and you can quiet your mind in a much sweeter way.

2. GUIDED HEALING MEDITATION: In this healing meditation, you bring different affirmations into each chakra to let energy start flowing freely. Through this, you get in touch with your inner wisdom to guide you, unblock the tensions, and bring an upward shift.

3. “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” CHANTING / FEATURING: THE ALASH ENSEMBLE: This mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” has been chanted for millennia and passed down from master to students in an unbroken chain of the mystical lineage, meaning it is alive with spiritual power. Om Namah Shivaya means “I bow to my own divine essence within” – within every person, there is a divine potential that needs to be awakened. You can chant together or just listen to quiet your mind and discover the mystical experience. The classic Shuddha Bilaval raga draws you to a very meditative state. The Kengirge (Tuvan drum) sounds like a human heart beat, the throat-singing (multiple, simultaneous notes with a single voice) is an ancient Tuvan musical artform and seemingly from another world, and the Igil (Tuvan string instrument) adds the nostalgic feeling of going home…going home to the Self!


Produced by: Jeff Coffin & Ryoko ‘Sharvani’ Suzuki
Recorded and Mixed by: Jeff Coffin at: ITA Studios / Nashville, TN
Mastered by: Richard Aspinwall
Design: Robert Hakalski
Photograph of Ryoko: Rene Huemer

This recording is dedicated to my parents, Akemi & Yukichi, for your unconditional love & support that you have given to me.

Special thank you to my amazing husband, Jeff, for your love, support & inspiration to make my dream come true! The Alash Ensemble for your friendships & beautiful artistic contributions. Robert, for your incredible talent to make this beautiful CD cover. Richard, for putting your magic on the final mastering. My students & clients for your dedication. All my teachers, our friends & our family–especially my sister Yuko (missing you!)

My dearest gratitude to Bhagawan Nityananda, for your guidance to know the Self.


10% of all sales go to help support the W.O. Smith Music School in Nashville, TN
10% of all sales go to help support Ganeshpuri Music School in Ganeshpuri, India

Ryoko ‘Sharvani’ Suzuki, MS, LMT, CSYT, “Healing Spirit” Nashville Home of Svaroopa® Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Vichara, Aromatherapy & Natural Home Remedies www.HealingSpiritBodywork.com


The link to other testimonials:

No more insomnia & no more sleeping pills!:
I was able to sleep so well with the essential oils that you suggested for me. I have been listening to your meditation & chanting CD every night as I go to sleep. It’s miracle!!!! I had dealt with difficulty falling asleep  my whole life, and I thought I had to take my sleeping pills for the rest of my life. Since it changed so easily, a half of my stress has been gone too. At night, I decided not to be on the computer. Thank you again for everything.

私は良子さんに教えて頂いたオイル で良く眠れるようになりました。毎晩CDを聴きながら寝ています。本当に驚きです。私は、寝るのに苦労してきたような人生を送って来て一生、睡眠薬を使うことになると思っていたので、いとも簡単に方向変換できたことで、ストレスの半分は解消したようなものです。
– K, Knoxville TN 2015

Ryoko’s Meditation & Chanting CD has been helping my panic attach at night!
If any of you peeps need some meditation music, I highly recommend this album. Some nights when I’m trying to fight off a panic attack, I put in my ear buds and turn this on. It’s amazing how much it has helped me with my anxiety. I’m so proud of my beautiful friend Ryoko Sharvani Suzuki for being able to share her gift. – Gina Holt, Knoxville TN 2015

Ryoko’s Meditation CD helped immensely – Focused & Relaxed on the Road!
I am a professional musician who travels quite a bit. Being on the road can be stressful and hard on ones nervous system. I personally go through periods of feeling anxious and unsettled before having to play a show. A close friend gave me Ryoko Suzuki’s C.D. “Chakra Healing Meditation” and suggested that I try using it. I have never meditated in any capacity before and was really surprised at how great this made me feel. I just finished a 2 week run of shows on the road and used the c.d. everyday. It helped immensely. I felt focused and relaxed…. it was like hitting a restart button. I highly recommend Chakra Healing Meditation by Ryoko Suzuki to anyone. – Pete Abbott, Nashville TN 2016

Powerful Effect & Profound Impact!
I wanted to thank you for your work and for finding a great way of sharing your knowledge with others. I’ve enjoyed using your guided meditations over the last couple months and wanted to share some for my experiences with you.

Prior to the CD, my experience with meditation was just simple mindful meditations (focusing on breath and external stimulants, examining thoughts that came into my mind, letting them go ad returning to the breath). I felt like this has helped me understand my thoughts and emotions better and with more complexity for example that anger can often come from or include feelings like fear, jealousy or sense of inadequacy. While I find so great about your guided meditations is that it gives you the ability to shape and exercise more control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a way tat brings joy and mental clarity.
The first time I did the Chakra Healing meditation with the spoken phrases, I got to the point of speaking and could’t make myself do it. As it went further along, I was eventually able to murmur the words a bit. I could have never imagined that simply repeating these phrases with meaning and intention would have such a powerful effect over me.

With practice, I improved to speaking the words confidently, but I’m still amazed at how bringing these thoughts and ideas to words and reaffirming things like “I let go” and “I say what I need t say to those I need to say it” can really have a profound impact. THANK YOU!!! – Jon, Mission KS