Jon Estes – Solas (2020)

Artist : Jon Estes
Release Date : 05-08-2020
Catalog : EUR0432




01) Solas
02) Mystics
03) Kora
04) Secret Secret
05) Opal
06) MTNS
07) Gradient

All compositions by Jon Estes and Doug Mosher


Jon Estes – acoustic bass guitar, electric guitar
Doug Mosher – tenor saxophone
Jason Burger – drums


Recorded and mixed by Jon Estes

Mastered by John Baldwin at RCA Studio A in Nashville, TN

Album artwork by Bonnie Fitch

Album design by Jeremy Fetzer

Jon Estes is a well known name in the Nashville, TN music scene, as a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Despite having been involved in hundreds of records over the years, SOLAS marks his first as a leader.  For this record, he is joined by tenor saxophonist Doug Mosher (Lewis Cole) and drummer Jason Burger (Big Thief).  This record expands upon the minimalist duo record he made for Ear Up Records in 2016, “Southern Lights”, expanding the sonic palette with resonant drums and rich electric guitar, overdubbed by Estes himself.