The Viridian Trio – The Viridian Trio (2017)

Artist : The Viridian Trio

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ABOUT: The Viridian Trio (EUR0417)


01) Flowers For Ondar (w/ Alash Ensemble) (5:37)

02) Hat On Hat (5:45)

03) Eeyore’s Wrong Turn (4:20)

04) One Eyed Bandit (6:56)

05) Yusef (3:48)

06) Cowboy Song (3:16)

07) Odd Balls (4:31)

08) Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo (4:42)


All compositions by Jeff Coffin except: One Eyed Bandit (Jeff Coffin, Josh Hunt), Eeyore’s Wrong Turn (Jeff Coffin, Felix Pastorius, Jordan Perlson), and Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo (Traditional Tuvan)


saxes, flutes, whistles, electro-sax, vocals on Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo, percussion on Yusef

electric bass, vocals on Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo, percussion on Yusef

drums, caxixi, triangle, ass tooth, vocals on Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo, percussion on Yusef

ALASH ENSEMBLE: Tuvan Throatsinging on Flowers For Ondar

Alash Ensemble is: Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, and Ayan Shirizhik (

Additional Vocals on Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo: Ryoko Suzuki, Alex Clayton, Roy ‘Futureman’ Wooten, Victor Wooten, Bela Fleck

Throatsinging on Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo: Jeff Coffin, Roy Wooten, and Victor Wooten

Recording Notes:

Recorded on June 15/16, 2017
Produced by Jeff Coffin, Felix Pastorius, Jordan Perlson
Recorded by Jeff Coffin @ ITA Studio, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Mark Rubel @ Pogo Studio
Mastered by Jim Demain @ Yes Mastering

Additional recording:
Alash Ensemble – Recorded by Andrew Sheron @ Coral Audio, Princeton , NJ
Victor Wooten – Recorded by Victor Wooten @ VixMix Studios, Nashville, TN
Bela Fleck – Recorded by Bela Fleck

© 2017

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